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Default On the first day of Christmas...

Ho, ho, ho!

On the first day of Christmas, HFFM gave to me... Secret Santa!

Post in the sign up thread here and you will be assigned a HFFMer to send a gift to. What you give your Secret Santa is up to you, it can be anything from forum VIP to credits, random Habbo gifts, Habbo Club, a drawing, an alteration... The choice is up to you!

But remember, if you sign up and do not gift to your Secret Santa, you will receive a forum punishment!

Sign ups close a week from now, Sunday 8th December, so remember to sign up in time! There will be a forum thread posted for you to post in so that your Secret Santa gets a rough idea of what to buy you once sign ups close. Your assigned HFFMer will be sent the day after sign ups close.

Happy gifting!
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