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Default Staff of the Week [05/08/19 - 11/08/19]

It's that time again where the management/admin team get together to decide which staff member from each department has done their very best this week. To award them for their all their hard work and effort, they will be receiving a special userbar for the week!

The Bars!

Here are the staff of the week winners from each region/department!
INTL Manager: @vvlf
EU Manager: @slushie
INTL Radio: @Hua
EU Radio: @J
INTL Events: @ashesxo
EU Events: @J
Graphics: @Molly
Guides: @Novantique
Recruitment: @jenna
Mod: N/A

Congratulation to all who won prizes this week! Please PM me on the forum with what colour SOTW bar you want

The HFFM Management/Administration Team

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