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Hello... welcome to the HFFM annual awards. It is time for you to cement your place in the illustrious HFFM Hall of Fame by walking away with one of these PRESTIGIOUS awards.

The process is simple. You fill in the template below and send it in a Private Message to me by clicking here. You cannot vote me (immense) for ANY of the categories. So selfless. I know. You can vote ANYONE else, staff or non staff. You can vote yourself for one category only.

Originally Posted by Awards
Best admin:
Best management:
Best DJ (including head DJs):
Best Events Host (including senior events):
Best guides writer (including senior guides):
Best graphics artist:

HFFM's funniest:
HFFM's hottest girl:
HFFM's hottest guy:
HFFM's most miserable:
Best newcomer:
Biggest drama queen:
Most likely to be on HFFM at 40:
The top 3 of each category will be put in a public poll. You have until 13th December to get your PM votes in. The winners will all walk away with a wonderful prize. I'd recommend asking your pals to vote you... your votes will of course be completely anonymous and only known by me.

... may the odds be ever in your favour!

senior admin

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