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Default Josh is no longer a Senior Administrator

It brings me great sadness to announce that Josh is no longer a Senior Administrator at HFFM.

Josh has been an integral part of the fansite for years. Josh was a dedicated HFFM Administrator pre HFFM-HabboHub merge; he was a fundamental asset in assisting with the merge and his support helped to provide a smooth transition. I believe I can speak on behalf of many that inheriting Josh as a figurehead for our community was one of the most valuable, unparalleled acquisitions of the merge and I am so thankful for his participation in the integration of two incredible communities. His continued efforts towards HFFM for such a long period have been widely appreciated by many and his contribution to HFFM is imperishable.

I hope he decides to return one day. However, until that eventuality, I would like to wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do in the future.
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