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Default The Haunted House: Badge Event!

Room Name: HFFM Halloween Party
Room Owner: Syke.
Room Link:

It's Halloween and you're driving to a party with your friends when your car breaks down... Outside a forest. Everyone else enters the forest for some Halloween fun until help arrives, you're hesitant at first but eventually follow... but you cannot find your friends!

Make your way through the rooms that our team has spent time creating for you, completing the different tasks that are put in front of you. If you manage to make it through all of the rooms, and complete all of the challenges then you will be reward with the following badge (made by our very own @Soph)!

Do you need help getting through this event?
Then click HERE for a guide on what to do in each room!

Fansite Events Team

"After all this time?"
"Always," said Snape.
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