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Default Olympic exclusive is now available!

Grab your own gold, silver and bronze!

The 2012 Olympics are now here and HabboHub is celebrating with you! You can grab your hands on the LIMITED EDITION Olympic exclusive! It is only available until the end of the Olympics so make sure you purchase it.

There are a few things you should know about this exclusive. I have used the code for our Mutatio exclusive, which means you need to go to >>>>>HERE<<<<< in order to change your exclusive colour between gold, silver and bronze and scroll down to the option titled "Change your olympic colour". You also need to make sure it is your display group to work.

Thank you to the beautiful graphics department particularly @Daniel @MollieIsMine and @Mat for your hard work and putting up with my demands.

I hope you enjoy the London 2012 Olympics and celebrate with us!

Thank you.

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