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28-04-2012, 04:31 PM

As some of you may have noticed me and Bhav have organised a variety of different events for you all to get involved in. Turnout has been decent with 13 different people earning themselves some points and many more entering but not fortunate enough to achieve a top three point scoring position.

It is time to end it though and to start planning for bigger and better things to make HabboHub an exciting place for you all to be. So without further ado, lets wrap thing up. The final scoreboard can be found here (http://www.habbohubforum.net/showthread.php?t=1811) and therefore a huge well done to our winner...

WOLF (http://www.habbohubforum.net/member.php?u=131)

He will be contacted shortly and given a userbar of his choice as well as his very own forum. He can name this forum whatever he pleases and make the decision to have it public or just for friends. However, that isn't it. Later today, moderator applications will open and should he be interested he will go straight to the final shortlist (with other applicants). I know some people might find this unfair but he has demonstrated over the last two week that he has an active interest in the forum and a pillar of the community. Congratulations Dom!

http://www.iaza.com/work/120414C/iaza16467531900000.gifSecond place went to Ad and third place to Shaun who will both get a prize for taking part and managing to obtain a good amounts of points. You will both be contacted shortly.

Me and Bhav have learnt that hosting thing for two weeks is too long and in future any campaigns will be shorter and better planned.

Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who made it such a laugh (especially the memes)

immense & bhav
Forum moderation team