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26-04-2012, 06:35 PM
http://www.iaza.com/work/120427C/iaza16467544474800.gifMyself and the senior staff team have been thinking about the way news is organised. We really want to make HabboHub's news department unique so it stands out from other fansites and is more attractive to potential reporters.

Currently, News Reporters, whether normal or guest all have the same role. That is to produce articles across all eight categories. We realised that we have a diverse community all with different interests and talents and that by splitting up the role into three different categories would really benefit the department. So here is the new three roles within the news department:

News Reporters:
The role of news reporters will be to focus on reporting on the traditional news covering a variety of important topics. They will need to produce accurate and interesting articles relating to world headlines. These reporters will cover five of our news categories and will be the 'traditional' news reporters!

Who can apply for this role?: Anyone

Sports Reporters:
When it comes to sport news, there is often a team specifically there to bring you sport related news. This is because you need to have some interest in this specific area and know what you're talking about to bring accurate and gripping sports headlines. Sports reporters will specifically focus on bringing you the latest sporting headlines. This will hopefully appeal to many sport fans across the forum who enjoy writing.

Who can apply for this role?: Anyone, a passion for sports is necessary!

Community Reporters:
Community reporters will focus on conducting interviews with people across the forum and writing relevant reviews (movies, games and so forth). They will also be in control of creating interesting and engaging debates. This role will take what is often seen as the 'strain' of writing about traditional and sport related news. I see this role to be the most new and unique role and will hopefully appeal to some of our older members!

Who can apply for this role?: Well known / long serving members of the community!

Hopefully, with the chance to choose the area you focus on, this will not only increase the amount of articles we have but also the motivation and dedication from the staff. The news application thread will be updated shortly allowing new people to apply for these roles and existing news staff will be spoken to about their current role shortly!

News Manager