View Full Version : Robots vs Zombies: Winners

22-02-2018, 12:22 PM
Hello everyone! After a very long campaign event we are proud to announce that... Zombies are the winner of this campaign! All of you are entitled to 2 weeks of exclusive on the forum (just pm me to claim your prizes!)

The final points score was:
Robots (65 Points)
Zombies (90 Points)

Donation points were:
Robots (10 Points)
Zombies (10 Points)

We know this event was very forum-based and we hope to see more of you participating with our next client-based one! This was all for charity and I'm proud to announce we reached over 85% of our 200GBP goal! Thanks so much to Jess for helping me host the 24 hour marathon! Be prepared for an upcoming LMS!

Thanks for your participation!
The Administration Team