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06-02-2018, 02:51 PM
Room Name: [HFFM] Paris Proposal!
Room Owner: Sorbz
Room Link: https://www.habbo.com/hotel?room=74840281

Join HFFM from today in our latest fansite event... The Wedding! Starting off with a proposal that will make your friends jealous, and finishing with a honeymoon that will make you never want to leave... this event has something for every romantic! Make your way through the rooms that our team has spent time creating for you, completing the different tasks that are put in front of you. If you manage to make it through all of the rooms, and complete all of the challenges then you will be reward with the following badge!


Do you need help getting through this event?
Then click HERE (https://hffm.co.uk/guide/740) for a guide on what to do in each room!

Fansite Events Team