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10-09-2012, 06:06 PM
http://www.habbohub.net/assets/images/alts/other/craigharrychris_showcase.gifThe below applications are the three best picked by myself and Chris. We feel that these three people put the most effort into their application and that they are the most likely applicants to drive the site forward to success.

We obviously can't tell you who they are from. We are going to hire one General Manager in the upcoming days and one more in around a week/two weeks to give the new General Manager time to settle in and get Chris' and I's full attention.

Every user who Private Messages me a paragraph explaining why their chosen choice is their chosen choice will receive a week of forum exclusive.


Person A:

What can you bring to HabboHub?: Experience. In the past my part in this role was disrupted due to certain members of the community which have now departed. Time has passed and things have changed and I feel that I'm ready for an additional challenge in my life. I'd love to bring a boost to the main site, because to be quite frank, the current administrators aren't enthusiastic about it and if it continues then it will end up dead. What does a boost involve? The radio department and events department have little encouragement behind them. The staff need to be praised when they do well and told where they need to improve in order to progress. Staff who aren't doing what is expected need to be removed and where possible new staff members brought in. Radio has all the ingredients it needs to succeed, it just lacks direction. There's nothing wrong with the current Management, they're just in need of some guidance and praise too so they to know what they should be doing to keep the radio to a consistent standard. Giveaways, events and inviting should be part of nearly every show during peak times! I'd also like to see some of the more popular community members forming unique permanent shows.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
Experience, understanding of the structure of this fansite and VBulletin / AdminCP.
Failure is not an option.


Person B:

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:
What makes me different from all other applications is when I mean dedication, I can prove it. I can give you all of my time and whenever I'm needed or requested I can stay up very late planning or helping with forum or site issues. I can ensure you all requests will never be left long without being done when I am online, they will be all be checked regularly (Every hour/half hour).

Any experience? (Don't worry if you have none, just be eager to learn!):
I have no experience within Habbo Administration but I do have experience within Radio Management which could be a transferable skill I could bring in to support the Radio Management that are currently in place at this present moment in time. I would prefer to be mainly the Radio GM as it's where I have more experience but would happily support Event's whenever I can.


These are some snippets of the three applications that caught our eye. We have obviously snipped bits out which gives away their identity, and the person(s) have been told to remain anonymous. Anybody who reveals their identity will be disqualified and will be blacklisted.

Please vote in the poll!

Harry & Chris
Site Owners

10-09-2012, 06:47 PM
Person C has been removed from the poll. Person C was indeed Tyson as some of you guessed! So whoever did vote for Tyson may vote for Person A or Person B. Tyson is being removed from the poll because he has recently been promoted to his preferred role of Head Moderator.