View Full Version : HFFM Main Website Update

10-09-2017, 03:33 AM

Tonight we have made a slight change to the HFFM homepage and events timetable.

As you all know guides is a very important department for us… so I’m happy to announce that how the guides are presented on the homepage has changed dramatically. No longer is it a list of guides… they are now image based. This gives the homepage a newer and fresher look. Alongside this, we have gone ahead and added a new 'View All' button to the Most Recent badges box to the right of the site, clicking this button will now take you to a page which displays only the current active badges on our system.

Plus, due to the guide departments rise in activity, it gives our guides prominence on our website and users can now easily access the content. A huge thanks to LMK for the designing work he did when he was in the development team.

http://i.servernetwork.co.uk/20170910121453317.pngWe've also revamped the way that the latest events are presented to you, these are now more visually appealing and stand out more to our users.

http://i.servernetwork.co.uk/20170910023313871.pngHope you all enjoy the new updates.