View Full Version : Staff Panel Maintenance

03-07-2017, 11:35 PM
The Staff Panel has been taken down for a period whilst ryan and I complete some urgent & essential maintenance. We'll restore access once we've resolved the several issues that we've discovered and updated some aspects.

Sorry for any inconvenience, if you need to access any information in the meantime please ask either josh or immense who have access.

04-07-2017, 01:27 AM
We have concluded the maintenance. The staff panel is accessible to all staff again. Thanks for your patience; for those interested, we have completed the following:

An enhanced, reformed Admin Log system has been implemented to prevent misuse of the staff panel - viewable by any Administrator. Entries cannot be removed or altered.
Fixed several bugged entries on the Meet the Team page which caused the database to wrongly configure staff usergroup IDs.
Fixed an error when adding Head DJ as a subgroup on the staff panel.
Fixed an error where Events Directors weren't showing on the Meet the Team page due to a bugged entry in the database.
Removed access to IP addresses (e.g. through requests and failed Connect login attempts) from all HFFM staff except senior Administrators.
Applied some updates to our staff security system.
HFFM Site Control has been updated to include the recent update.
Several backend changes made to enhance user performance.

We're aware of an issue where the radio timetable resets every Sunday when it shouldn't. We've exhausted several fixes which haven't seemed to work, so we'll continue to monitor the issue until we find a fix.

Again, thanks to all staff for your patience this evening.