View Full Version : Small forum updates

22-09-2016, 05:13 PM
Just a few small forum updates, nothing major just to tidy some areas up and a couple of adjustments to skins.

Removed the points, last.fm and awards showcase hiding profile fields and merged them into the 'Hide from Postbit' profile field. You will now use this to hide these things from your postbit.
You can now hide the banner on 4Skin, people complained it was bulky and in the way so the option to remove it is now there.
Habbo names no longer display in postbits on non-habbo skins. Seemed a bit silly to show them on there in the first place.
Awards showcase no longer shows in the postbit on non-habbo skins. They were habbo related badges only, therefore it was unnecessary to have them displayed on non-habbo skins.

23-09-2016, 01:13 AM
Made some adjustments to the custom background profile field, this is now a global feature. Previously you had to have an active VIP subscription to use it, now anybody can use it. Added it to the most recent skins and fixed some styling bugs with it too.

24-09-2016, 03:14 AM
You may now colour [HFFM] 4Skin to your own desired colour. This runs from a HEX colour code system, very similar to the way VIP colouring works. Simply head over to the 'Forum Customising' page and find '[4Skin] Colour Scheme' inside the second box on there.

Please note, there may be areas of the forum where colours do not change, drop me a PM if you find anywhere and I'll have a look and adjust accordingly.