View Full Version : Triple points are over! But...

30-05-2016, 02:03 AM
I have officially set back the point system to 1 point for every post and 3 points for every thread. It will be a while before I increase these points again so congrats to those who got involved and got many points. However, I am temporarily adding the STEAL function to the VB shop. This means that you can now attempt to steal points from other people.

How does this work?
Once you click VB shop, you have a new side bar that allows you to steal. There is a 10% chance of success (90% chance of failing) that you will steal 10% of their points. IF YOU FAIL, which is highly likely, you will LOSE 5% of your points. Good luck!

(p.s there are 4 theft immunities left in the VBshop x)

02-06-2016, 03:32 AM
Steal is now disabled. It may be temporary implemented again in the future.