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23-08-2012, 06:43 PM
The HabboHub Prom ~ TBA

Get your prom dates at the ready, because we're going to be hosting a HabboHub summer prom!

http://uploadir.com/u/ofp10ci0A prom is a habbo event which is normally held in a formal-themed room, it's also hosted with a radio show to maximize enjoyment. A partner isn't essential but there will be competitions up for grabs to win forum exclusive and client prizes. The actual prom will be held on the client, but there will be forum-themed competitions along with it. Including then most popular of all, prom King and prom Queen.

There will be prizes up for grabs for the following;

- Prom King
- Prom Queen
- Most creative duo
- Best dancer
- Best dressed (female)
- Best dressed (male)

The radio show will be starting at 19:00 with Wengles on air for the opening, with the Prom entrance opening at 19:45 in Lixur's room. Then at 20:00, Myself, Chris, and Craig will be hitting the airwaves for the Prom Show right up until 22:00. We will be hosting numerous competitions during the show and will also be opening the main Prom room at around 20:30, the main room will be down at v5., alternatively you can always search HabboHub into the navigator to get into either of the rooms. The main room will be open to the users who have queued in the entrance before it's open to everyone. Then at 22:00, DJ Craig will be hitting the airwaves to DJ solo. The competition winners will be announced on-air at around 21:30. We hope to start closing the Prom at 22:15 - 22:30

Once again; *TBA*, we hope you can make it! If you can't, search v5. any time between 20:30 and 10:00pm.

To enter yourself and a partner, click here (http://www.habbohubforum.net/showthread.php?p=411345#post411345).

Site Owner

29-08-2012, 02:56 PM
We have been forced to postpone the prom to a later date due to the following reasons;

1) I am banned on Habbo and no other admin can afford to make a prom room.
2) We have realised that the Scottish users have school tomorrow.
3) Certain management/staff member can't make it.

We hope to reschedule for the weekend, if all goes well with Habbo. We do apologies for this, however it's out of our control.