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27-07-2012, 12:29 AM
UK Radio DJ's!
http://uploadir.com/u/ac7zm1lnWell.. as you can see our UK Radio Department is running quite thin at the moment and we are looking to bring some new blood into our team! Don't worry if you're not a trained DJ and perhaps you want to try your hand at it, Make sure you still apply because myself and Boss are more than happy to help you learn a new trait and join our team!If you would like to apply for a position could you please fill out the form below and send it in a private message to myself (Marshy) or Boss.

You must have a SAM Broadcaster 2 OR 3. SAM 4 is not allowed.
You must have a good working microphone.
A large amount and variety of legal songs.
You are expected to book at least 3 slots a week.
Be active on the forum.
If you check every box above then please apply now!

Habbo Name:
Desired DJ Name:
Experience (if any?):
A link to your 30-60 second voice clip:
If you're wondering what the voice clip is about - it just needs to be roughly 30-60 seconds of you talking or pretending to DJ. Once you've recorded your voice clip we recommend that you upload it to a site like www.uploadir.com or www.mediafire.com