View Full Version : HFFM Staff Area Returns!

25-02-2013, 05:48 PM
HFFM Staff Area Returns! Aeriona/Jewel departed from us to go to another site and leaked her password to someone from the other sites staffing team (no prizes given for guessing which site!) and unfortunately the staff member deleted most of the data from our database, but no worries.

We run backups every single day of the year and a little button restores it in around ~2 minutes.

We have also updated our radio password, so tune back in if the radio stopped for you :)

Good try though!
All of HFFM's features have now returned.

26-02-2013, 05:52 PM
[14:33:34] Dez: kk
[14:39:46] Dez: [blanked out by hisz 2k13]
[14:39:48] Dez: hffm radio ip
[14:39:51] Devy: ye
[14:39:54] Devy: lool
[14:39:56] Dez: cunts
[14:39:59] Dez: take em down later
[14:39:59] Dez: yh
[14:40:00] Dez: pointless now
[14:46:03] Dez: when u get in there
[14:46:07] Dez: do a smuch destruction a spossible
[14:46:10] Dez: delete panels
[14:46:14] Dez: clear timetable
[14:46:15] Devy: lool
[14:46:16] Dez: timetable first
[14:46:17] Dez: then ruin panels

Didn't ThisHabbo just get added back to the Fansite list? (currently hasn't been updated), pity.