View Full Version : Moderator Trial Results

14-09-2012, 07:09 PM
A huge congratulations to @George (http://www.hffmforum.co.uk/member.php?u=5856) who has passed his moderator trial! All our trialist moderators have now completed their trial and passed with flying colours, well done @George (http://www.hffmforum.co.uk/member.php?u=5856) @Glitter (http://www.hffmforum.co.uk/member.php?u=25011) @morph (http://www.hffmforum.co.uk/member.php?u=18135) !

Due to Sacha departing from HFFM her trial has obviously ended, no one else will be picked to trial in her place.

Once again well done all and welcome! (y)