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12-09-2012, 11:30 PM
I would like to wish a massive happy birthday to Harry (MrCorn), our site techie!
I've managed to conjure up a few little messages for each of them.

Darren: BIG MAN! without a doubt my best mate on here. You're an utter legend and a boss coder. When we go to Thorpe Park we're gonna be tearing shit apart and cause a riot. I've known you the longest on here and from speaking to you almost everyday for the past two years. Let's just fuck shit up ye? It'll be funny and cool anyway so yeno, it's fine, everyone does it. Have a great day big man!

Jordan: Happy birthday big man, I appreciate all the work you've done..HFFM probably wouldn't be open if it wasn't for you. Have a good birthday faggot.

Kieran: Omg Harry I used to be really scared of you, even when I was admin asking you to upload images for me but the little number of times I've spoke to you, you are a funny and nice guy. I hope you have an amazing birthday you oldie x

Josh: hello corny!!! I hope you have a great day tomorrow ''bigman'' and get really really drunk :- ). *Save me some cake, I really like cake. You're a great person and a good friend. Happy birthdayyyyyy Haz.

Dougie: HARRY! Happy birthday mate :) another year older, another year wiser. you're getting 2 be an old man now init. all tht chicks from ur hols will think ur a peado now lol jk. not rly no joke they rly will lol. hope u have a gr8 day mate and get tht male enlargement kit you wanted, cos u rly need it and it'll do wonders for you! 2 think we came 2 hffm together in 2007, and we are still here 5 years later! BET YOU FEEL OLD COS I DO :(. happy 28th bday harry (peado) :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Jade: hey mrcorn!!! happy birthday have a good dayyyy!! from wraping x

I'd also like to wish a Happy Birthday to one of our international Head DJ's, Wilson. Have a great day the pair of you!

Posted a little earlier because I won't be on :-) so to confirm, Harry's birthday is actually the 13th of September.

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