View Full Version : WARNING: Use of TYLTSTS thread

23-08-2012, 06:20 PM
http://i48.tinypic.com/21b672x.gifSome of the posts being posted in the "things you'd like to say to someone" thread have become directly aimed at certain users, which attempt to provoke arguments. This is NOT the intended use of this thread, and posts which fuel arguments or could be seen as bullying other members will not be tolerated on this thread, of anywhere on this forum.

On past occasions users have been reminded that bullying of other members on the forum will simply not be tolerated. Whether this continues on of off the forum is a different matter, other communication tools have ways to report users - but when it is brought onto the forum it becomes our responsibility and anyone found to be bullying/provoking arguments will simply be banned from threads, forums or all of HFFM's services - it's been done before and we will do it again.

Should the thread mentioned above become a bigger issues, we will just remove the thread permanently.

This thread classes as an official warning to all those users who have posted to provoke/argue with others, if it continues then your accounts will be banned or placed into the miserable usergroup, meaning you cannot access the forums full services. This may also include a ban from all HFFM related websites

If you feel that a thread/post on the forum is directly flaming/bullying another user, please report it in the normal way and ask for an admin to review it in your report.