View Full Version : The recent DDOS problems!

04-04-2012, 08:47 PM
Once again we appear to be having some problems with DDOS attacks on the radio.

The tragic thing is, the majority of these attacks come from people who really need to get a grip on life and grow up. These are the kind of people paying to carry out attacks on a small online community for no real reason, I quite frankly feel sorry for these sad little individuals – it’s a shame you never stay away from your computers and that you spend your birthdays tragically talking to your e-lovers when really you should be out celebrating.

We could be ridiculously over the top and pay hundreds of pounds for high tech equipment to protect the websites, but that’s unsustainable and shouldn’t really be necessary (if these people actually grew up and focused on their own websites) All I’d like to put across is that continue to do as you wish, the joke will always be on you – because ultimately you really are just sad, pathetic and probably stupidly lonely.

My advice to you: get some REAL friends, and most of all grow up.

Thank You & Good night!