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02-03-2012, 01:54 AM

The Preparation has begun!

With days of preparation already begun, The International Radio Management and UK Radio Management (along side of Events Management) have started planning the International Games - also called The HFFM Olympics.

The International Games will begin at March 10th and end with an awards show on the 17th (Hosted by Matt and I).

The week before the games begin - Sign up threads will be posted in HFFM discussions, letting you sign up for the event you would like to be in. After the threads close a few days before the games being - Every member who has signed up will be placed into a team name randomly, to keep everything fair you will be added into the following teams: Team Sean, Team Matt, Team Nestle and Team Porshia aka HFFM International Management and a Head DJ...awks. This will be posted the day before the games begin.

Remember, this is not the Summer Olympics event - that will be hosted in the summer along side of the Olympics in London 2012.

The events below aren't set in stone - they're in the making (you will see the final list when the sign-up threads are posted Saturday night):

Horse Racing
Team Snowboarding
Team Soccer
Team Volleyball

The day of the Games, Matt and I will be hosting the starting show - when the gun shot is fired on the show, the games have officially begun.

The winners from each team will be put into the final round and the winner will be given reputation points, months donator, a trophy and coins!

*This event is not only for International staff and listeners, It's for the whole of HFFM to participate in*

I wish you all luck and hope you all participate to support your team!

HFFM Management