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19-02-2012, 08:53 AM

The juicy gossip has returned to HFFM! With the lovely DJ Wabbits, DJ Nestle and DJ Neonhttp://www.iaza.com/work/120219C/iaza16471511497200.gif as your hosts - they will take you on the journey to get all the know-how on the Celebrity gossip and highlights of that weeks top news.

This trio will bring you gossip, news, movie releases and new album releases! They will let listeners come on the show and let them express there inner gossiper. They will hold forum competitions along side of radio competitions while giving out amazing prizes!

Tune your ears into DJ Wabbits, DJ Nestle and DJ Neon with The Buzz on Saturdays at 1AM GMT - 2 AM GMT or 8PM EST - 9PM EST.

Don't miss it!

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