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08-05-2011, 06:13 PM
http://hffm.co.uk/archive/pixelarchive/images/figures/habbos/16bc6te.pngWell, open for revision more like. Anyway, the GCSE revision forums are now open and you're now free to use them as you choose.

I would like to point out following user feedback that some people are a bit confused about the idea as there are already websites such as Bitesize which offer revision. Well, the sole idea of this revision forum is to offer people CHOICE. Especially with subjects such as English where Bitesize do not offer always the best answers (in my opinion Bitesize is useless for English LOL!), and also because it's not just about revising. These subject-specific threads offer you a chance to discuss the exam, what you think will be in the exam, and how you think you did in the exam. It's all about asking the community, and having a sense of involvement.

As I say, I'm not forcing anyone to like the idea, but I'm asking people if they'd trial it as more than 70% of the community voted in favour of the idea.

The A-level forums will be completed over this week.

If you have any other feedback regarding the idea, please PM me or post on my profile because I want to hear from you!

This idea will be on a trial, so don't worry if you're fond with it, you may not be stuck with it!

Also, the people who supply the best answers and/or who get involved the most with the threads will be awarded with 100 reputation points and a Contributor's badge as a thank you present.