View Full Version : Site Launch Postponed

29-06-2012, 01:19 PM
http://uploadir.com/u/syo157Due to the unfortunate circumstances, we've been forced to postpone HabboHub's main site launch. Due to the recent allegations of a Channel 4 report, Habbo has been muted, making it impossible for us to have a successful launch. With the client being muted, we have no means of advertising HabboHub and attracting the wide audience needed to get HabboHub's main site up and running.

We understand that the wait for the arrival of the main site has been a prolonged one, but after discussing the poll results of a thread created yesterday, we have decided that the majority of our members agree that it will be best to postpone the launch to a later date.


We have decided to wait for an announcement confirming the date of the un-mute of Habbo, and then planning the site launch around that set date. The CEO of Sulake has suggested that an announcement will be posted sometime next week; we hope that this will allow us to confirm a date and put an end to all the confusion surrounding our launch.

Lastly, we apologise to everyone affected by the postponing of the launch and hope that you can all support our decision. Also, a large thanks to the members of staff, particularly the DJ department, who have supported HabboHub despite the continuous delays.

Thanks, and sorry once again.