View Full Version : Arcader of the Month - Minor Changes

22-01-2011, 01:08 PM
Minor changes have been made to Arcade of the Month to give a little back… a bit more. ;)


5. What do you get if you win Arcader of the Month?
The main reason the arcade is there is so our forum users have a little bit of fun if they get bored. However, to make things a bit more exciting, the Arcader of the Month will receive a 'Arcader of the Month Badge' for each month you win (like a trophy/medal to keep track of what you won) but also 2 weeks of exclusive of your choice for each month you win. However when or if you achieve Arcader of the Month 3 times, the 2 weeks of exclusive changes and grants you 1 month of Donator of your choice for that month. How nice is that?