View Full Version : We are currently joint 1st!

12-02-2010, 01:11 PM
Thanks to everyone at HFFM who has voted over the past few days for the love hubs and poster nominated by HFFM.

In first place, winning 100 points for their Fansite was Jemmwah's room for ClubHabbo.net (31.19%). In a very close second came HFFM's entry by X-Avenger, which polled 30.67% of the public vote winning 80 points. KissHabbo's entry by Nefs was hot on their heels with 28.07% of the vote, winning KissHabbo 60 points. Hababble came fourth with 10.08% winning them 40 points.

We had some great entries from all the Fansites, but the public's decision is final and binding so congratulations to HFFM's entry which polled 35.59% of the vote therefore giving their Fansite 100 points. In second place was ClubHabbo's poster with 33.02% of the vote, awarding them 80 points. HabboLot's entry came third with 16.84%, awarding them 60 points followed closely by Hababble who scoop 40 points after claiming 14.56% of the vote.

The current leaderboard now stands:

1st Place: HFFM.co.uk (180 Points)
1st Place: Clubhabbo.net (180 Points)
2nd Place: Hababble.co.uk (80 Points)
3rd Place: Kisshabbo.net (60 Points)
3th Place: Habbolot (60 Points)
4th Place: Habbox.com (0 Points)
4th Place: Habbcrazy.net (0 Points)

HFFM is now incredibly close in winning the fansite fortnight event, please keep your eyes peeled for Official Hotel Manager events were we can help secure our position at number!

Thanks and Goodluck!