View Full Version : Radio FAQ's updated!

11-01-2010, 11:01 PM
http://www.hffm.co.uk/web/images/group_dance_2.pngHFFM's Radio FAQ's informs listeners and staff of frequentley asked questions about the HFFM Radio. After discussion at HFFM's live discussion we are here to answer a few of the questions raised by many users.

Why has the iPod screen gone blank?
This is simply down to the fact that there are too many users visiting the HFFM site. This is not our fault, so please bear with us and wait a while then hit CTRL F5!

Can we have automatic updating radio statistics?
I'm afraid not due to rats in the HFFM offices who decide to chew away at the RAM and CPU of our server. This will bring about more difficulties such as slow running time, unfortunately as much as we would like to offer this it is out of our control.

We have also took into deep consideration the reference to more appealing perm shows and unique competitions. Well you will have to wait and see... ;)!

Thanks, iGlitched!