View Full Version : Christmas Karaoke, in the New Year???

27-12-2009, 07:24 PM
http://hffm.co.uk/latest/data/upimages/presents3181281991-iaza.gifJoin us on the 3rd January for our Christmas Karaoke!

Its time for you to grab the microphone once again and join our team and then DJís to celebrate Christmas with some very bad singing and plenty of laughs! The Christmas Karaoke gives you a chance to show off your singing talent (and if you canít sing, then enter just for the fun of it!) You can enter alone, do a duet or even sing in a band!

Seeing as this is the Christmas Karaoke, we will only be accepting Christmas songs (or songs with a hint of christmas!) So get searching for the Christmas song to sing!

Karaoke Prizes

If you become the Karaoke king or queen you will win yourself a Karaoke Forum Badge, 3 months of VIP and 50 credits on Habbo UK. Best of all you will be involved in one of HFFMs biggest and most popular events!

How to enter

Itís simple to enter! You will need a sound recording program & a microphone, you can get audio software such as Audacity which is free and can be found easily on Google! You then record your song and attach it to an email, make sure the song contains NO swearing or it will not be played on air, also make sure itís saved in a wav or mp3 format!

Send your entry to: karaoke@hffm.co.uk

Attach the clip to your email and in the email please tell us the following:

Your Habbo Name:
Forum Name:
Song Name:

You must send in your clips before 1st January, the email will be locked at 9am and any entries sent in after this time will not be accepted.

See you live on the 3rd January 6-8pm for HFFMís Christmas Karaoke!