View Full Version : New Year's been Nicked!

20-12-2009, 12:22 AM
http://i48.tinypic.com/2ep4upj.pngExcuse us for the cheesy title, but you heard right! New Year has been stolen by Farmering (he tried to take Christmas, but even he didn't have the will power to do that!) Without New Year, we won't have a good night out, or worse still, a KARAOKE!

In order to get all of these things back, HabboFunFM's very own Events Manager, fencer101 has had to step in and try and save the New Year! To do this, he has challenged Farmering to a face-off where he will compete to try and complete as many tasks as possible that Farmering throws at him!

Each day, a new challenge will be posted for fencer101 to try and complete, and everyday he will try to complete whatever challenge that is. At the end of the week, we shall see if he has succeeded in this task of beating Farmering at his own game!

If he fails? Well, we'll just see what happens...

Make sure to check this space on Monday 21st December for the first task!