View Full Version : Changes to 'The Lounge'

13-11-2009, 07:38 PM
From now HabboFunFM's official room will be clamping down on people behind the bar.

ANYONE who wears a HabboFunFM badge is allowed to go behind the bar you should tell people this and help them join! Anyone with rights should enforce the new rule and ask anyone who doesn't wear our group badge behind the bar to put it on or they will be kicked.

If anyone with rights does not enforce the new rule, they will lose rights in The Lounge.

Please note: To go behind the bar you MUST be wearing a HFFM Group badge, anyone who is caught behind the bar without a HabboFunFM badge on will be kicked + banned from the room.

Join our group: /groups/HabboFunFM

Anyone who has rights should enforce this rule or we will make sure we remove your rights!