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01-11-2009, 11:28 PM
These elements will be looked at from your application and also your status on the forum and also how important these things are if you with to become a moderator.

- Activeness (This helps alot)
- Friendliness (This is very important)
- Most welcoming (Posting in the welcome section, welcoming new members)
- Amount of badges (Shows popularity)
- The actual application (How they word the applications helps alot)
- Experience (This also helps alot)
- Dedication (Bascially, everything rolled up into 1)

We have 3 main stages of deciding on the applications.

Stage 1:
Deleting all un-suitable applications. Which includes looking at these elements:
- Posts
- Friendliness
- The actual application
- Activeness

Stage 2:
All applications that could be suitable are read by all admins and then between them they decide a number (usually 10 maybe more..)
of possible candidates for being a moderator.

Stage 3:
The applications that are left will be sorted and also finalised by the admins and current moderators, and between us we will decide on 2-6 moderators to be put on a weeks trial.

Ok, Thats basically how it works.

Make sure you have as many of those elements as possible when applying in the future.


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