View Full Version : Events Team Applications are OPEN!

18-10-2009, 09:58 PM
Once again, we need some new Directors to join our Events Team! We are now looking for about 2-3 people to join our current team at the moment.

What do the Events Team do?
Its simple really. They plan Events for the Community and entertain people with fun original events. They attend monthly meetings and even get a chance to help out in bigger events, as well as suggest ideas for big events as well.

If you want to apply, simply send a PM to Klaus Baudelaire (or click my name at the side!), with the subject as "Events Team Application [Your Habbo name]" and include the following information:

- Habbo name
- Forum name
- Experience (if any)
- Can you do 2-3 events a week?
- Do you get on with current team members?
- Can you think of fun original ideas to make and do?
- Would you be able to do other events on different hotels, apart from the UK? (If the answer is no skip the next question)
- If so, which hotels would you be able to do events on?
- Why do you want to be on the Events Team?
- How long are you online for a day? (approximately)
- Any other information we need to know?
Events Team applications will close on 24th October, which is next Saturday, and the successful applicants will be notified and announced on the same day, and they will recieve a one week trial.

Good luck to everyone who applies!

Note: At the moment we are accepting people who's main hotel is either: UK, USA or Canada. This is due to change in the upcoming months!