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22-09-2009, 08:48 PM
Firstly, we thought you should read about our current Rare Values Team and how easy their jobs are for HabboFunFM

Meet the Rare Values Team!

Rare Values Manager
Sup, i'm Josh, and i like long walks along the beach and looking at the sunset.... jokes! I'm a pretty talkative and interesting person when you get to know me. I love music; i have it playing all the time, i listen to all different types of music. I'm the Rare Values Manager for HFFM, and if you need a chat just send me a PM or a visitor message! :), keep reading though... as much as i'd love this to be all about me it isn't!!!!

Senior Rare Values Team
Hai der kids, i'm Hayley, or Cupid to some people and no matter what Josh tells you, i'm not actually ginger! I love fashion and gok wan is my idol, i like acoustic music and a good chickflick never fails to make me smile. I'm a Senior Rare Valuer for HFFM and i love my job, because i get to boss everyone but josh, jokes. Naa, my jobs easy, i just help to make sure all the rares are up to date for people to get the best deals. I'm all up for having a laugh, and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can find me anywhere, but be warned, once i start, i have a tendancy to ramble!

Hiya, I'm Danny and I am the coolest member of staff at HFFM. Aswell as working on the rare values team I am also a part of the events team and the media team. My two favourite things are music and football (apart from Hayley of course). When I am on Habbo you can usually find me in the HFFM Lounge, at a HFFM event or in a trade room doing some rare values. If you want to chat to me or if you have any questions make sure you add dfren93 on Habbo. Hope to see you around!

Hiya, I'm Jack! I'm one of the seniors of course. I sorta deal with updating the rare values on the main site let alone dealing with all the juniors requests! My hobbies include tennis, Habbo and DJing. In my spare time, I enjoy busting out some tunes and playing them for you on HFFM. I've been everywhere in the Radio department, you'll be pleased to know I've been 10 different staff roles since joining HFFM in July 2008. Catch ya in and around Habbo soon!

Junior Rare Values Team
Yo, I'm Iain the coolest out of all the Rare Value team. I like Movies, Games and Music in general. My favourite genres are Indie and Electro. I like the occasional mainstream tune now and then. When I'm on Habbo you can usually find me in the trade rooms working hard, my own room or in the HFFM Lounge making sure the mad lot don't hurt themselves. In rare values, i make sure things get up to date for the Seniors to update so you lot don't get scammed!

Hai I'm Mollie, don't listen to Iain i'm obviously the coolest RV staff kk. My hobbies include playing the guitar and piano (not at the same time!), DJ'ing, making graphics and making sure I update just a few rare values a week. On Habbo people call me MissShibby, and I usually hang out in the lounge, or when I'm DJ'ing I'm partying with the cool people in my room! I hope to get to know everyone more so drop me a PM x

Hi, I'm Farmer (aka Callum) and I'm a Junior Rare Values member (who knows why, the sight of Joshy as a manager would turn me right off. JOKES) Anyways. I'm also Radio Manager and a member of other various departments around the site. If you ever became a HFFM RV member, You'd be privaliged, seening this is the first time we've had them. Anyways, Hope to see you round the site :)

Hiya I'm Sarah! :} My habbo name is scaldwell1992. I'm Rare values staff and I'm also events staff for HFFM! :} You may have seen me hanging around the lounge, other hffm staffs room or of course in trade rooms doing RVing! ;) . I enjoy music, movies and having a laugh with my mates! I'm always up for meeting new people and having a chat so if you're up for it send me a message or you will most probably find me hanging around with Hayley, Harrie, Josh or the rest of the gang! :)

Hey Im Under, (aka Sam) Ive been on the forum for about 2 years now and im also a mod. The reason that i became rare values staff is because im sick of using Out dated values. No Fansite Mentioned. xD. You can find me on the Forum, My username is Under. (Just look for the big black name xD), If your thinking of applying for the Rare Values team Please do, its a lot of fun and you get to spend alot of time on Habbo xD. Cya for now Under!! PS (Mollie is not the best RV staff !!!!)

Hiya, I'm Ben! I'm one of the junior rare values team and love my job. :) My hobbies are golf, badminton, table tennis, swimming and playing habbo. :D I've been on the forum for quite a bit.. My name on habbo is Zache so ill see you around some time :D

22-09-2009, 08:50 PM
Secondly, Rare Values Applications have been made EVEN easier, send me a app!

New Rare Values Application!

At HFFM We're looking for a bunch of talented people who share the same interest in Reporting Rare Values as we do, people who could give up a few minutes of there time simply sitting in some trading rooms and looking out for what people want for their rares!

So, if you're interested.. Just answer the few questions below in a PM to Myself with the Subject 'Rare Values Application'!

Habbo Name:
Why do you want to join the Rare Values Team?
Rare Values Report:
Rare name on Habbo UK:
Current worth in credits on HFFM Rare Values:
Worth you believe it should be in credits on HFFM Rare Values:
Why do you believe it should change in value?:

And that is it! Couldn't be much simpler, eh?

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